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Whether you already love Whistler, or you are keen to find out what all the Whistler buzz is about, here are some great Whistler vacation tips and links to some of Whistler’s best offerings.

There are many ways to relax, of course, but in Whistler it’s a bit different than in other resorts. 5 star spas to heart-pounding adrenaline trips, every Whistler guest can scratch their itch…


Here’s a bit from about how to relax in Whistler Resort.

Research out of Harvard University (and plain old common sense) suggests that relaxing the mind and body can activate “disease fighting genes” that will keep us happier, healthier and living longer. Apparently being relaxed, breathing deeply and living the good life allows for better blood circulation to feed body and brain tissue and switches on the parasympathetic nervous system, which is linked to everything from good digestion to boosted immunity and cell regeneration.


Of course, Whistler locals are way ahead of the curve on the science of taking it easy and the Indulge in Whistler program running May 1-15, 2014, is all about showcasing some of the area’s best lower-adrenaline activities. Indulge will feature spring-value golf and spa packages with multi-course dining specials throughout town. It’s all about slowing down, breathing deep and enjoying the high life.

“Chill days are so necessary,” says Whistler pro-snowboarder Helen Schettini. “After all the energy that goes into a big winter, and the travel and stress, May is the time to just unwind, play golf, go for walks and hang out with friends.”

Helen has her own favourite local spots but this May anyone can customize their own Whistler chill days. Indulge in Whistler is a “choose your own adventure” style initiative that sees all four of Whistler’s golf courses, six top spas, and over 25 top restaurants all offering special spring value packages and deals. You don’t need to be a Harvard scientist to see that a day of golf, massage, hot tub soaking, and fine dining is going to be beneficial to anyone’s mind, body and soul. Toss a little spring skiing in there, or some epic patio sessions and the road to enlightenment has never looked better.

Indulge Whistler

The dining aspect of Indulge includes multi-course meals at some of Whistler’s top eateries with huge saving, and the locals literally eat it up. “Food is such a good way to bring people together,” says Helen. “I love to hit the fine dining spots this time of year for their set-menu choices to try new dishes. It’s just so nice to enjoy time with friends I don’t see much during the busy winter.“ Participating restaurants range from high-end to pizza joints so there are options to satisfy any appetite worked up over that hard day of taking it easy. Just be sure not to over-indulge and miss that morning tee-time or spa session (or better yet, book your activities for the afternoon).

Whistler News

“For me, a round of golf in the morning just makes the whole day better,” says Whistler Golf Club’s Ro Davies. “If you are first on the tee you feel like you’re getting so much more out of the day. While the rest of the world is in bed or hungover you’re putting on freshly cut grass into a perfectly cut and painted cup. All that silence and fresh air…you feel like your whole body just becomes more aware and awake.”

Spring is a time of renewal and Indulge in Whistler is like spring cleaning for your soul.




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You might also enjoy hearing about how to relax in Whistler from Tash McGill, in her article…

Waking up in Whistler is outstanding on any given day, especially when your California King bedroom has an enormous in-room spa bath on one side (perfect for soothing away the aches from a hectic day on the mountain) and a startling view of the mountain on the other. I was tempted to lie in bed all day enjoying the view – but Whistler is the kind of place you come to play hard before you relax.

Whistler News

When the summer season hits, it’s all go-go-go, whether or you’re on the ground or 50ft in the air. The  scary news is that you don’t need to be up a mountain to get that high. We raced to Wildplay Whistler to play in the 900-year old Douglas Fir treetops.

Of course, it really depends on your idea of play. I think this is a particularly creative form, especially considering it involves putting on a harness to climb up, over, through and hang on for dear life on their amazing zipline obstacle course! An experienced guide takes you the whole way through the course which got progressively more challenging as we negotiated our way through what seemed to be impossible pathways. What a thrill – only slightly less thrilling was the little 9 year old who blitzed us at every turn.

Down from the treetops the action didn’t have a chance to stop – so with much anticipation of how the arms would be aching – we were off for more canoeing and biking, this time on a stunning lake and small river. We were once again looking out for bear cubs on the side of the lake only to mistake a small log for a cub. Let’s blame it on the sunshine, the boogie and the glare.

A peaceful canoe ride took us past a few features of Whistler’s long popularity with travelers and young people – including an old lodge and some original settler cottages. Then, onto the bikes which would eventually lead us to our reward for all that hard playing.

Whistler News

Some quality relaxation at the Scandinave Spa and believe me, I was prepared to give relaxation everything I had, especially when Swedish massage and sauna was on offer.

The Scandinave Spa should not be rushed – this is a quality experience for all the senses, built into the side of a small hill with terraced pools, gardens, relaxation rooms and views of the stunning surrounds. The Nordic way begins with sauna or steam room (both options are available) for 15min, followed by a plunge into an icy cold pool before retreating to the warmer pool for 5mins. Take a breather in the sun or in one of the conservatories – then repeat the whole cycle 3 – 5 times (or until it’s time for your massage).

Not for the fainthearted – the catch is, you must be silent! But it’s hard to stop yourself from having a wee giggle about whether the Scandinave Spa will deliver a Sven to complete the all-important massage. I was not disappointed when Sven turned out to be an Ivan, all 6ft something of him. By the end of the session I was floating on air and convinced I wasn’t going to feel a single twinge of muscle ache the next day.

Source: Tash McGill

Scandanave Spa Video:

Need a nice home to relax in? Check out these Whistler vacation rental videos for a taste of whats available…

The Best of Whistler Festivals & Events

4 of Whistler’s Best Festivals

It’s easy to see the main attraction that draws two million visitors to Whistler every year – the spectacular mountains…

However, Canada’s top winter resort has many activities to enjoy beyond skiing, from snowboarding and dog-sledding to sleigh rides, plus nightclubs and entertainment for après-ski relaxation. In the summer, the famous slopes come into their own yet again for mountain biking, and there are many other sports to try here too. On top of all this, the resort also has a busy program of festivals for visitors to enjoy. Here is a look at some of the major events staged in Whistler Blackcomb, but there are many more to choose from. The annual program really does include something for everyone, from sports fanatics to foodies.

Whistler Cornucopia Festival

Coming just before the winter season, Whistler’s food and drink spectacular in November is getting bigger and better every year. It now runs to 11 days, with a mouth-watering line-up of events designed to appeal to both budding gourmets and dedicated connoisseurs of fine food and wine. Top chefs and wine professionals stage seminars, workshops and receptions. The menu includes plenty of occasions with a party flavor. One of the most popular is the Gala Grand Tasting, spread over two nights, where you can sample wines from all over the world. There is also a Top 25 Gala giving the opportunity to savor the festival’s winning vintages, set off by cheeses. Free-to-attend events include a culinary contest for top chefs. As well as the fun elements, nutrition is also on the menu, with a series of seminars on healthy eating. Find out more…

Whistler Film Festival

Canadian films have been creating a lot of interest over the last few years, with a number of exciting new directors to watch. If you want to see the work of these rising talents, then Whistler Film Festival in December, is a must. As one of the country’s top film festivals, it attracts crowds of 10,000-plus each year, including directors and other members of the industry as well as film buffs. Running over five days, the festival features up to 90 Canadian and international films, with a number of prestigious awards being handed out. As well as a wide range of feature films, including documentaries, WFF screens several programs of short films and also has a prize for movies with a special focus on mountain culture.

Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival

Every April, towards the end of the ski season, Whistler plays host to Canada’s largest annual celebration of winter sports, the World Ski & Snowboard Festival (WSSF). Highlights of the 10 days include the World Skiing Invitational, where the world’s leading skiers take part in breathtaking challenges such as the famous Big Air jump. The Shred Show’s arduous snowboarding contests is another sporting spectacular, and there is a chance to test out the latest winter sports equipment for yourself. Music also plays a leading role in the festival, with free concerts held every day, plus après parties, club and dance. Artistic and cultural events make another important contribution, with fashion shows, photography, films and urban art all included.

Crankworx Whistler

Held every July, Crankworx is a major 10-day festival of mountain biking which draws bikers from around the world. The event includes freeride races, challenges, slaloms and trials, and draws massive crowds of 150,000. The growth of Crankworx is just part of a successful campaign to attract more tourists to Whistler all the year round, with a whole range of smaller events also proving successful.

Making the Most of Your Whistler Visit

Visitors to Whistler during the resort’s long winter season will find that levels of snow can vary and this means it is important to keep an eye on the latest snow reports when planning activities. The resort receives an average of more than 1,170cm over the season with the all-time record snowfall having occurred in 1998, when an astonishing 1,693 cm fell. The winter season of 2010-11 came near that with 1,389cm – treating sports enthusiasts to a feast of activities as a result. The following winter was milder, but 2012-13 saw higher levels of snow returning, with the snowiest December in a decade treating skiers to a sporting feast.

Keeping a weather eye on the snow forecasts and reports helps visitors to decide when it is best to tackle a particular slope in order to make the most of their time in Whistler. Of course, to ensure winter sports safety, it is also important to be aware of the avalanche forecasts during a stay in the resort.

Whistler Resort’s Wide Range of Events

Winter sports and major festivals are only the start of Whistler’s attractions. All kinds of large and small-scale events are organized over the year, from farmers’ markets to a readers and writers’ festival, musical jam sessions, an iron man competition and much more, including activities aimed at children. It’s easy to see why visitor numbers to the resort are soaring as more people discover what is on offer here.

By Melissa Davidson


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Whistler rentals including condos, cabins, rental homes, and chalets. Mostly owner-direct reservations, so you’ll find deals on budget to luxury flats.

Whistler vacation rentals by owner in prime Whistler Blackcomb locations. Perfect accommodation for your ski, snowboard or golf holiday. Many homes feature private hot tubs and secure ski, snowboard, bike and golf equipment storage. Cheap or luxury, studios to mansions… for way less than a hotel. You can also order discount Whistler lift tickets and have them delivered to your Whistler vacation rental when you arrive in resort. offers a simple, fast and convenient way to search about 100 Whistler accommodations for rent by owner. Stay in a Whistler vacation rental that suits your budget while providing all the amenities you want.

3 Things You Need to Know WSSF 2014 in Whistler

World Ski & Snowboard Festival

This has been my favorite Whistler festival since the very first year. The concept, created by Doug Perry and the gang back in the 90’s, was to invite ski and snowboard industry staff and fanatics from all over North America. You see, Whistler had tons of snow… and empty hotel rooms… and a great party scene… and we wanted to share it with anyone that mattered in the ski world.

Looking back, hosting a big snow sports event in April was a very brave move. But hey, what did we have to loose?!

Without sounding like an old Whistler relic, here are my top 3 things you need to know about WSSF 2014:

Buy a beer at the Longhorn Apres by way of thanks

The cornerstone big-name ski events of the annual World Ski and Snowboard Festival will be saved from the chopping block this year thanks to a major cash injection from a local businessman. Joey Gibbons, owner of several Whistler bars, has stepped up to the plate at the 11th hour with a cheque for $50,000.…

Source: WSSF skiing Big Air saved thanks to private support

Whistler Ski Snowboard Festival Big Air Longhorn Apres

WSSF Tickets are on sale… and they sell out fast

Tickets are on sale for the biggest annual gathering of winter sports, music, arts and culture in North America, the World Ski and Snowboard Festival.

WSSF motto: “Party in April. Sleep in May.”

No matter how you do it, by boat, by plane, by train, just get to Whistler from April 11-20, 2014 and get involved!

Free Music Concerts – Music is happening in Whistler all week long. The 2014 line-up has started to roll in! Cut Chemist, Shapeshifter, The Original Wailers, The Planet Smashers and Bombino have been confirmed…

Silent Disco is Back! Here’s how it works. Plug in your ear phones (supplied to you at the door), choose from one of three LIVE DJ’s spinning, and you got it… dance the night away! Everyone will get a white t-shirt and glow marker for fun in the black lights. Buy tickets early because this notoriously legendary event will sell out.

OLYMPUS 72 Hour Filmmarker Showdown – The ultimate filmmaker challenge – filmmakers are tasked to shoot, edit and produce a 3-5 minute short film within 100km of Whistler, over a course of 72 hours.

Demo Park – Want to have a say on what skis and snowboards hit the shelves? The Demo Park gives you the opportunity to snow-test the latest skis and snowboards for free and kick-start the decision process.

Big Air – For 15 years, Saturday night during the WSSF has always been reserved for the biggest events, the biggest crowds and the most energy. On April 20th, max-capacity crowds will witness the world’s best snowboarders compete on a huge 70 foot table jump for $25,000.

This is just a snapshot of the events happening during the 10 days WSSF 2014 takes over the town. So be sure to check out the full schedule, to determine what events you want to be a part of. With spring skiing conditions (skiing in your t-shirt) and music and roaring crowds you can hear from the peaks, there’s no better time to ride Whistler and Blackcomb, then during the WSSF.

Source: World Ski & Snowboard Festival April 11-20, 2014

WSSF Volunteers are needed and appreciated… and cool


Volunteers are wanted for events from the photo, film and art galas in the Whistler Conference Centre, to the Outdoor Concert Series at the Main Stage in Skiers Plaza. Volunteers are also needed for on-mountain ski and snowboard events.

Those interested can visit If you’re not sure, check out this WSSF video for some festival motivation…


Find a Great Place to Stay for WSSF Whistler

Whistler rentals including condos, cabins, rental homes, and chalets. Mostly owner-direct reservations, so you’ll find deals on budget to luxury flats. Whistler vacation rentals by owner in prime Whistler Blackcomb locations.

Perfect accommodation for WSSF. Many homes feature private hot tubs and secure ski, snowboard, bike and equipment storage. Cheap or luxury, studios to mansions… for way less than a hotel.

You can also order discount Whistler lift tickets and have them delivered to your Whistler vacation rental when you arrive in resort. offers a simple, fast and convenient way to search about 100 Whistler accommodations for rent by owner. Stay in a Whistler vacation rental that suits your budget while providing all the amenities you want.

Whistler Vacation Rentals for Groups of Guests

Whistler Chalet Rental Sleeps 22 Guests

Whistler has a wide variety of vacation rentals for groups traveling together. From cheap condos in the same building, to luxury chalets with 5 bedrooms and bathroom for each.

One Whistler accommodation option that is harder to describe it the Lorimer Ridge Lodge. This rental chalet sleeps up to 22 guests, so your whole group can get a Whistler rental package and stay in the same house during your Whistler vacation.

I asked Fernando, the Manager at Lorimer Ridge Lodge, to describe his chalet from the Whistler guests’ point of view. Here’s what he had to say…

We arrived at this beautiful home on the Lorimer Ridge hill – the large Lorimer Ridge Lodge sign was well lit and very easily visible from the street at the foot of the private driveway. Our group had five cars but the parking lot could have easily accommodated twice as many vehicles.

The property caretaker was there to greet us, and give us a tour of this huge (4824 square foot) house. We had been given a layout map of each floor prior to arrival that included bedroom locations, and bedding type in each room, so this made it very easy for me to assign the specific rooming list to my group prior to arrival.

The decks were great for hanging out on and with two bbq’s we were able to grill up some steaks for everyone in a very short time span. The bbq’s were also hooked up the house propane system which meant we did not have to change or worry about any gas tanks.

Whistler Lorimer Ridge Rental Chalet Kitchen
Whistler Lorimer Ridge Rental Chalet Kitchen

My wife commented that the gourmet kitchen was fully stocked with everything that she needed to create a fantastic meal.

The dining areas had very comfortable padded wooden chairs with smooth wooden tables. The dining areas also doubles as excellent meeting places for the various factions of my family (or my company).

The main living room was a great gathering place for our group – three very comfortable large couches all provided a great view of the 60 inch Sony Aquos smart TV – we were able to take pictures of our adventures during the day and then show them on the TV later in the day.

Some great amenities such as a sauna, hot tub and billiards room provided everyone in my group with something to do while at home – did I mention that there were also four flat screen TV’s – each with their own HD PVR giving the various age groups within our group an excellent choice of different shows to watch during the wind down part of our day.

There was even a small office for me to do a bit of work and not be in anyone else’s way whilst doing so.

The bathrooms were well stocked 22 full sets of towels out (to cover all of the guests in their bathrooms) with another 22 sets in the bathroom cabinets. At bed time the bedding was very clean and comfortable. The mattresses were perfect for offering everyone a perfect night’s sleep.

Regarding location we were a hop, skip and a jump from the main Whistler Village – close enough to walk anywhere but yet far enough away to not hear or feel the “hustle and bustle” of the main village. Location specifics: Located 2 blocks from the northwest corner (Lorimer Rd. & Hwy. 99) of the main Whistler village.

We were less than one mile (1.6 km) from any point in the main Whistler village including the lifts for both mountains.

During inclement weather periods, walking while wearing ski boots and carrying ski/snow boarding equipment is not advisable – one might want to catch a shuttle that stops one block away (every 15 minutes). Resort Cabs is another option – for less than $1.50 per person (cabs hold six people) you can be taken right to any location with door to door service – the drive is less than two minutes.

Well said Fernando! By the way, Fernando and his staff have been looking after Whistler groups for years. These managers know what they are doing and have lots of Whistler knowledge to share. Lorimer Ridge Lodge has been advertised on for many of those years.

If you are looking for a great Whistler vacation rental for large groups, have a look at the video tour, below.

Whistler Chalet Video Tour:

Follow this link to view all the details and contact the Whistler Manager directly.